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Python Programming - Understanding Advanced Concepts3 days ago1066 MB3918
Hilpisch Y Python for Finance Mastering Data-Driven Finance 2ed 2019Yesterday32 MB3611
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Chollet F Deep Learning with Python 2ed 2020Yesterday16 MB318
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Python for Data Science and Data Analysis3 days ago4508 MB2644
Python Data Science Handbook - Tools and Techniques for Developers (2016) (Epub) Gooner35 months ago8 MB250
Modern Web Scraping with Python2 days ago1363 MB2431
Hilpisch Y Python for Algorithmic Trading 202012 days ago22 MB240
2 months ago1001 MB231Verified
21 days ago418 kB220Verified
Python do básico ao avançado + inteligência artificial - Caio Henrique Lemos Sampaio2 months ago7670 MB226
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The Complete Python Programmer From Scratch to Applications6 days ago5385 MB1832
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Kinsley H Neural Networks from Scratch in Python 202021 days ago43 MB170
Python Programming for beginners Learn Python in a step by step approach Complete practical crash course to learn Python5 months ago88 MB172
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Machine Learning made Easy Hands-on python9 days ago4576 MB1520
Cage J Python Numpy 101 Exercises Python skill 20202 months ago28 MB151
40 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know Hone your problem-solving skills by learning different algorithms and impl ...5 months ago82 MB152
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Algorithmic Trading A-Z with Python and Machine Learning20 days ago10176 MB1311
Python Programming Bootcamp20 days ago24058 MB138
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Amr T Hands-On Machine Learning with scikit-learn Python 20204 months ago21 MB120
[ FreeCourseWeb com ] Udemy - Python, Excel and Machine Learning for Stocks Data Science8 days ago3552 MB1112
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Hill C Learning Scientific Programming with Python 2ed 20201 month ago10 MB111
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Practical Python Data Visualization1 month ago10 MB101
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Karamagi R Advanced Python Programming 20201 month ago25 MB100
Farrel P The Statistics and Calculus with Python Workshop 20201 month ago13 MB100
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